Dave Chappelle Explaining Why He Left TV And $50 Million Behind Kinda Makes Sense After The Analogy He Used On CBS This Morning

I don’t think I will ever understand someone leaving behind a hit TV show and $50 million to vanish to Africa with his family. Then again, I have never had a hit TV show or $50 million. But I have watched those nature documentaries. Planet Earth coming out when HDTVs were just hitting their stride in America caused idiots like myself to buy a TV that was definitely beyond our means back in the day. But that’s neither here nor there. Whenever we see an animal do something stupid on one of those shows, we scream at the TV for it to do the smart thing. Little do we know that the stuff that happens on these shows can apply to real life too. Like dropping the salt/money so you don’t get trapped. Yeah this could be the Chappelle superfan in me coming out. But I truly think that analogy plays. Plus I am almost always going to sympathize and side with the guy that gave me Clayton Bigsby, The Playa Haters Ball, The Racial Draft, Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories, and many other classics over the suits from Comedy Central. You can always rely to Chappelle to break things down so we can all understand them, even though leaving $50 MILLION ON THE TABLE IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE TO ME. But that Bushman, that baboon, and Dave Chappelle (probably smoking just a tad bit of weed like most of the people that watch nature shows) gave us an A+ lesson in decision-making. Is it worth $50 million? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is I’m happy I didn’t have to pay to find out. Drop the fucking salt.

And if you are a Dave Chappelle fan that somehow hasn’t listened to KFC’s storyboard on Chappelle, you have to listen to it now. Like right now. It’s right there below. And if you can’t listen now, subscribe to it on your phone, rate 5 stars, and listen to it on your commute home.

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