Barstool Storyboards Presents – The Garden Is Burning: Fire James Dolan

New podcast series I’ll be doing roughly on a monthly basis beginning today. Barstool Storyboards. They are podcast versions of 30 for 30’s basically. Last year I did one on Arod around his retirement, and during the Olympics I did a Serial spoof for the Ryan Lochte gas station saga, Jeahrial. Each time I planned those shows and wrote those scripts, I used storyboards to map it all out. Hence, the name. I’ve been waiting for the right time to do another one and launch this series, and the Charles Oakley/James Dolan revolution that exploded last week was the perfect jump off.

The Garden is Burning chronicles who the 90’s Knicks were prior to James Dolan taking over for his father, and who they’ve become now under Dolan’s reign of terror. From annual postseason brawls with the Heat, Pacers and Bulls to the disgrace they are today in 2017, must listen stuff for any fan of the Knicks or the NBA in general.

PS – The Mailtime iTunes feed is changing over to Storyboards. If you subscribed to Mailtime you can just stay subscribed. If you had unsubscribed and now want to follow Storyboards, try searching either Barstool Storyboards or Mailtime. Sometimes it takes iTunes a while to update so it could be under either name.

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