18 People Injured In Huge Human Pile Up After Escalator At Hong Kong Mall Malfunctions

Welp, here we go. Mark this down as the day that machines began officially fighting back. The day escalators became self aware. Sentient stairs finally fed up with the human race. Oh you Asians thought you were good with technology? Thought you had that one all figured out? ¬†Well think again. Dont be surprised when elevators start falling from the sky too. You think it’s just a harmless malfunction that has Asians piling up like a highway full of cars in a snowstorm? Think it’s just an accident that has a pig pile of Chinamen getting spit out of a staircase, stomped and trampled? For sure not. This is basically what happens in the beginning of the Terminator. We gotta send one Asian nerd back in time to prevent the invention of the escalator. Just tell him to explain to the world that everyone has to take the stairs. The fate of the human race – or at least the fate of 18 Chinese people getting smushed together at the mall – depends on it.

PS – Leave it to Asians on a form of mass transportation to have this chaos erupt over some steps. You really should let a staircase beat you like this. Like if you just step off the escalator and keep walking, there wouldnt be a problem. Instead they all stand around and stare at the stairs. Trying to get on, failing to get off. They do the same thing on the subway. Always a cluster fuck.

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