South Florida Beach Gets Shut Down Because There’s Too Much Poop In The Water

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.15.41 AM


MH- People planning to spend the weekend in the waters off Sunny Isles Beach may have to come up with other plans. The Florida Department of Health shut down a two-block stretch between 172nd Street and 174th streets until further notice after water samples showed that bacteria levels were too high. The beach did not meet the recreational water quality standard for enterococci, a bacteria in animals’ intestines, meaning there was too much human or pet poop for it to be safe to swim. This comes about two months after the department issued an advisory against swimming on South Beach, also due to unsafe enterococci levels.



Yet another strike against bodies of water. Add it to the growing list. Too many people around, scary creatures under the surface, sand all over the place and just MASSIVE amounts of poop floating around. I’ve always said that sand is by far the worst thing about beaches. I took a trip to the beach when I was 12 years old and I’m still finding sand in my sheets. I swear to god I am. You think it’s all gone and then another grain pops up and you wanna blow your brains out. Well I’m willing to admit that a toxic-level of poop floating around is probably worse than sand. Think about that. People going all the way underwater and having poop chunks slapping them in the face. That’s much worse than a couple pieces of sand attached to your body for 20 years. And how does a beach bounce back from this? I would never ever believe an announcement that was like, “Ok. So this beach was once filled with a shut-down-worthy amount of poop. Remember? Well that’s been fixed! Bring the whole family!” Nope. I view that beach like Chernobyl now.

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