President Of Costa Rica Casually Snacks On A Wasp During An Interview


Sneaky the funniest video I’ve seen in awhile. Laugh out loud funny when he just casually ingests the wasp.

This lady was HORRIFIED


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.23.36 AM


Here’s the real question though. Did he purposely eat that wasp? I think he did. He played it off like he didn’t but he straight up inhaled that thing like he’s pulled that move before. This might be the new hotness when it comes to combating bees and wasps. Fuck swatting them. Just eat them. I guarantee word will spread through the flying insect community and they’ll be more inclined to leave humans alone. Getting swatted is likely seen as an honorable death in that community. You annoy annoy annoy annoy a human to the point where we get so frustrated we lash out and strike. But getting eaten and turned into human shit? There’s nothing honorable about that. Not a thing. I also like how he just laughed, took a swig of water and kept it moving.

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