Baby Boy Born On Flight Given Free Flights For The Rest Of His Life By The Airline

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People- It’s only happened a handful of times, but yet another airliner is giving a baby born on one of its flights a free pass for life. Indian airliner Jet Airways said it would give a baby boy born on a flight between Saudi Arabia and India free flights for life, CNN reports, after his mother went into labor prematurely on Sunday. A trained paramedic, one of the passengers, helped deliver the newborn at 35,000 feet alongside members of the flight crew. The flight, originally destined for Kochi, in the south of the country, was rerouted to Mumbai. The new mother and baby were transported to a hospital and are “doing well,” a spokesperson for the airline told CNN. 



Excuse me what now? Hold the goddamn phone. Back this train up. That article makes it sound like it’s commonplace to just give babies free flights for life if they’re born during a flight. Is that thing that I didn’t know about? Cause if it is then pregnant ladies need to be taking advantage of this. We should see a ton more SUPER pregnant chicks on flights. I don’t think anyone knows about this loophole. Flip side, can you imagine being on a flight when a woman is giving birth? I get pissed off when a baby cries for two seconds on a flight. Honestly the baby shouldn’t get free flights for life. Everyone else on that airplane should get free flights for life for having to put up with that shit. Some of those people probably got gross baby goo and blood splattered all over them. Those are the people who really deserve to fly free forever. Not that baby. That baby doesn’t deserve anything. He’s a stupid baby.

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