Alligators Are Old News, Here’s A GIANT Python On A Golf Course In South Africa


I’m just gonna say it. People are way too chill about dangerous animals on golf courses. Every time a video comes out of an alligator or a crocodile or a python or a Game of Thrones dragon on a course there are people just chillin like 3 feet away. Acting like these wild animals won’t hit’em with a death strike at any moment. We need a video like that to come out so there can be more awareness. Just a non-Happy Gilmore video where an alligator rips off the limbĀ of some lackluster golfer. I don’t want it to happen but I also want it to happen. Wild animals should want it to happen, too. Their respect has been ripped away from them. These golfers aren’t even remotely scared of them. Humans have stripped them of any sort of pride or honor. It’s time for them to take back their respect. Please do it so I can stop feeling sorry for these wild animals.

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