The Fact That There Are Still People Finishing Behind Me In Fan Duel Hockey Is An Embarrassment To You Stoolies

The first week I came in 81st out of 89th. Almost dead last. There were still 8 people who sucked worse than me. Last week was 111th out of 178. 67 people worse than KFC at Fan Duel Hockey. That is pathetic. If you are in that group of 67 you need to retire from gambling and fantasy sports all together. Beating me in Fan Duel Hockey should be literally the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

Easily the best part of doing this for me is seeing how many old ass hockey players are still in the league. Last week I started Teemu Salanne. Thats absurd. I keep scrolling through the available players for Jeff Beukeboom.

Games start on THURSDAY this week so sign up today:

$4000 in prizes, $800 for first
178 spots, prizes down to 17th place
$25 to join, up to five entries allowed
Starts on Thursday at 7pm EST


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