The Definitive List Of TV Sports Theme Songs

In honor of the CBS March Madness theme – Da da da da da, da, da daaaaaa! – the Definitive list of TV Sports Theme Songs. I fucking love those electronic trumpet noises or whatever they they are during the Tournament on CBS. Make me instantly think of March Madness and all the classic moments from years ago. Its like a psychological reaction whenever I hear them. ┬áHere’s how I order the rest of them:

8. Masters Theme

I’m not really a golf guy, but they run this like crazy towards the end of the tournament so you always hear it. The soothing music, the majestic shots of Augusts coupled with Jim Nantz’s “mmmmmmmHello Friends” is the most relaxing intro of all time.

7. NFL on CBS

One of my least favorite ones of all time because it usually means I’m about to watch a Jets game.

6. Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN

Anytime I hear this music I automatically hear Jon Miller saying “Carlos Bell-TRAHN!” and Joe Morgan saying “ackurett”

5. MLB on Fox

Instantly makes me think of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver calling a Yankees playoff game and fans from both teams saying Buck and McCarver hate their home team.

4. Monday Night Football Theme

Just an all time classic. Its changed TV channels. Its seen a slew of different announcers. But any time you hear those horns you know its time for primetime football. Also these days it means its time for the Black Italian Homie Spumoni Mike Tirico

3. NFL on Fox

One of my personal favorites because I associate this theme with getting fucked up on wings and beer every Sunday from September to February. I just hate that stupid football robot thing

2. CBS March Madness Theme

Raftery, Gus Johnson, Verne Lundquist, Jim Nantz. The best announcers and the most exciting sports weekends of the year.

And the obvious, landslide, #1 TV sports theme of all time…

1. NBA on NBC

If you didnt see this coming then you’re a goddam idiot. Composed by the one and only John Tesh, the proper name for this masterpiece is Roundball Rock. Brings you back to the glory days of 90s basketball. Sunday Triple Headers with Jordan and Barkley and Ewing and all the other Hall of Famers from that era. Sports aside, its just an absolute fire song. Like I have it on my iTunes and listen to it like normally as if its a real song. In case you’ve never seen it, here’s John Tesh explaining how he created one of the greatest piece of music of all time:

Honorable Mention: NHL on ESPN

Fire song. Obviously now you gotta put on like the Outdoors Network or the Oxygen Channel to see hockey but back in the day this was fire.

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