The 2 Highest Paid Mets Outfielders This Year Are Jason Bay And Bobby Bonilla

That is absolutely unbelievable. Borderline criminal. I’m not a fan of spending money just because you have it. Making moves just to make moves. Thats what a guy like Michael Bourn was in my eyes. And tossing around money like that is what got the Mets in this situation in the first place.

But that being said, having a guy who retired in 2001 be the highest paid outfielder on a big market franchise is just straight up insanity. Angels making big moves signing Hamilton. Braves acquire Upton. Mets trotting out Lucas fucking Duda and the ghosts of Bay and Bonilla. There wasn’t many great options for the Mets – not like they let some guy slip right through their fingers that could have turned the team around. But asking people to pay money to come out to the ballpark and watch a bunch of minor leaguers dick around out there is gonna be a ballsy request from Mets management this year.

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