Remaining 15 Minutes Of KFC Radio Episode 43 Back From The Dead

So for some reason the last 15 minutes of this week’s KFC Radio didn’t record probably. For the thousand or so people watching live, you already saw it. But if you watch on the blog the days after we record, you missed this whole section. Google was able to recover that shit because we got those motherfuckers on speed dial and when I say jump they say “how high?” We talk about midget etiquette in the bathroom, and we read through a handful of Barstool Commenter questions, as well as Twitter questions. The final question of the show coming off of twitter is absolutely one of the most diabolical, hilarious questions we’ve ever faced.

Shout out to JSW, Kyle Lefko, Brandon Brandonkadonk , and a special, very concerned shout out to JWet for his tweet which, while hilarious, is very disturbing and I think you may have some issues.

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