Of Course Derek Jeter Did The Ice Bucket Challenge

Well it looks like KFC is an asshole again huh? I mean does being on the losing side ever get old?

Either way, of course Derek Jeter did the challenge, but he wasn’t going to do it on the road. Wait until you get home and are comfortable then you pick your slam piece and Jordan. Power moves all day and all night. Not really sure how E fits in here but I’ll take it.

The other side of this moral victory for Jeter, myself and all Yankee fans it that 2/5 of our opening day rotation, that is now on the DL, have time to dick around and referee wet T-Shirt contests in the clubhouse. Just depressing shit right there.

KFC Editor’s Note: I gotta admit, that was awesome. All around awesome. I’m very happy to eat my words on this one. Because guys like Pete Frates and Pat Quinn deserve support from the Captain. If he gets MJ to do it, he’s king. Thats better than Obama, thats better than the Kennedy’s. Nobody tops Jordan.

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