Mike Zaun 1862 – The Battle Of Antietam

Everybody welcome the newest member of the Barstool team, Bill from Massapequa. His original video Mike Zaun 1776 was probably one of the funniest youtubes I’ve ever seen. His impression was spot on, the content was clever – after I saw that I knew we needed this dude aboard with the Stool. So follow him on twitter @BizzaroZaun. We’re gonna follow Francesa throughout history via Bill’s genius videos.

Today we’re live from the Battlefield of Antietam, where of course Mike is siding with the Confederacy. If you’re a diehard Mike fan, you’ll pick up on the little nuances from Mike Zaun 1862. The Union plays the role of the Jets with General Ulysses S. Grant getting the Darrelle Revis treatment. Harriet Tubman plays the role of Al Albuquerque. The spilled Diet Coke, the prank calls, the Arod call, the call from Dred from Scotsville, the hand wave. Tons of little nods to Mike’s On that are subtle but awesome.

Major highlights:

Mike criticizes Abe Lincoln’s top hot – 1:00

Top 5 generals prank call – 1:45

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad (tremendous) – 2:45

Mike Rides the railroad with John Wilkes Booth (hilarious) – 3:05

Mike gives Play by Play of the battle – 5:03

Ulysses S Grant – 5:40

Chief Bear Claw/Diet Coke – 6:20

“Are you a slave? THEN HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY WANT TO BE FREE??” – 7:03

Nobody cares about the Indians (absolutely hysterical, best part of the video) – 7:11

Next up…

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.04.49 AM


PS – The Civil War version of the Mike’s On theme song is tremendous


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