Knicks Going For 9 In A Row Against Chris Bosh Tonight

The Heat are redefining Mail Time. Lebron is sitting out with “sore hamstrings.” Wade has a “sore ankle.” Basically just shutting it down now that the streak is over gearing up for the playoffs.

Now a bunch of pussies on twitter kept tweeting me saying how San Antonio expected to beat them last night without Lebron Wade and Chalmers and how the Knicks shouldn’t take them for granted tonight and blah blah blah. Plain and simple – if the Knicks are gonna contend like we expect them to contend in the east, they should absolutely¬†thrash¬†the Heat tonight. Should be an absolute massacre. The Knicks are playing their best basketball of the year. Better than when they jumped out to their 18-5 start. Kmart has filled in nicely while Chandler rests. Amare is long gone and, surprise!, the offense is rolling. JR Smith has stopped chucking threes and has taken his game to a whole ‘nother level. Firing on all cylinders. When the postseason arrives, there’s still a lot that worries me with this Knicks team as they matchup with playoff competition. But tonight ain’t playoff competition. Tonight is Chris Bosh, old man Ray Allen and some Heat scraps.

If the Knicks don’t come away with their 9th straight I’ll be very disappointed.

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