KKK Uploads “A Show For White Kids” Featuring 10 Year Old Klansmen On Youtube

Click here for season 1!

Well this is terrible. Just absolutely awful. I mean this show is an utter piece of shit. The Bro Show production looks better than A Show For White Kids. And thats saying a lot. Our name is better too, which is almost impossible. Bottom line is if you’re gonna spread the message of the Aryan Nation at least put some effort into these webisodes. Invest in some talent that doesn’t have a lisp and knows how to read. Maybe have these fuckers memorize their lines. That racist little dog needs to step up his game too. He doesnt do shit. If you wanna grasp viewers you gotta bring some energy and excitement. That goes double if you’re trying to convert people into racists to join the Hooded Order.

PS – How racist am I that I didn’t think their message was all that bad? They were even happy for the black people that they got their own Disney Princess. Just don’t want white folks getting involved with Voodoo and stuff. Ain’t so racist.

(1:10 mark is Academy Award winning acting)

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