KFC Radio Episode 34 – The Barstool Frankenstein

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So last night me Big Cat and Feits did our usual Wednesday show and the best voicemail of the night was right off the bat – If we had to create a Barstool Frankenstein and create a monster using all the worst attributes of Barstool Bloggers, what would it be?

Here’s what we came up with:

El Pres’ Schnoz:

KFC Lazy Eye & Double Chin:

Big Cat’s “Dad from American Pie” eyebrows

Kmarko Chuck E Cheese Ears:

Neil’s cancer hairline:

Tall One’s height, dude is 6’10:

Feitelberg’s weird swollen baby alien hands with the fat thumbs:

Big Cat’s semi-webbed feet with the big toe thats running away from the little toes:

610’s tattoos:

Sales Guy’s Body Hair:

Mo’s semi-black skin tone:


Courtesy of Stoolie @Marciano3366. As Marciano puts it, its the Black Leonard Nimoy. We’ve created a monster, folks. The most disgusting human of all time. The stuff nightmares are made of. When children are worried there’s a creature under their bed, its the Barstool Frankenstein. When you shut off all the lights in the house and walk up the stairs alone in the dark and you get that distinct feeling something is going to get you…its the Barstool Frankenstein. Its like Manbearpig, but 100 times worse. Its Barstool Frankenstein.

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