KFC Radio Episode 26 Part 3 – What Would Be Your Dream Moment In Pro Sports?

Press play to hear the thrilling conclusion to the time I got thoroughly embarrassed playing summer league hoops in New Rochelle

Here’s the conclusion to our special 90 minute edition of KFC Radio. We debated a classic question in the last half hour which was: what would you dream sports moment be? Would it be a walk off home run? Game winning buzzer beater? Overtime goal? An 80 yard TD run? You can make a solid argument for each and every scenario. Every sport and every circumstance is potentially the greatest moment of all time.

Personally I don’t think it gets better than a walk off home run. Especially if you can specify the circumstances and make it a Joe Carter World Series Clinching Dinger. But I wanna think outside the box here for a moment. Rather than go the traditional route of game winning goals/shots/hits/touchdowns, I wanna go with one of the most rare occurrences in sports. Something fresh in my mind off the 25th anniversary last week. How about a little Send It In Jerome breaking the backboard with a dunk? I’m pretty sure its virtually impossible nowadays, but thats a seriously exclusive club. I mean off the top of my head I can only think of a handful of guys who have done it. Jerome Lane, Big Country in warm ups like an asshole, Tractor Traylor, DARVIN HAM. Of course the original Chocolate Thunder, and Shaq collapsed the whole apparatus a couple times. But in general you can count on two hands the number of guys that have done that. You break the backboard dunking and you’ll be run in the highlight reel literally forever.

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