KFC Radio – 1 Year Later

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So here’s whats changed in the past year of doing this podcast/radio/video/internet show – We’ve notched 800,000 views and over 9 million minutes of viewing time. We’ve had a slew of guests including Jay Cutler, Logan Couture, Ali Lee, Kacie McDonnell, El Pres, Kmarko, EatDatPussy, Incarcerated Bob, The Polo Shirt Gangsta, Dutch Gaitley, Roger Craig, Mo, and of course our American Hero Bryan Beer. Two new bloggers that started out as guests have joined the show permanently in Feitelberg and Big Cat. Over 5,000 voicemails received and probably about 500-600 discussed.

Here’s what hasn’t changed – Time Warner internet still fucking blows so every single week my connection freezes and I have to deal with all sorts of delays. Feitelberg, whether he’s lost a bet or not, continues to rock preposterous hair every single show. And at any given moment Big Cat may be on the verge of passing out after being on a 36 hour bender hunting humans and/or inanimate objects. Also, there will always be a discussion revolving around poop, farting, or masturbating.  These are the three legs on which KFC Radio stands. So kick back for an hour at lunch and join the 1 year anniversary episode, or if you’ve only got a few minutes, we uploaded the first episode ever to Youtube. Where it all began:

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