Jeopardy! Jesse Checks In Again

Friday: Yo guess who got home early tonight all thanks to captain Nemo? just in time for the first question.

Now…how cocky a move is it for Questlove Jr to go with Africans right off the bat as his opening pitch?? fyi, that’s a power stance if I’ve ever seen one!

And how about him rubbing his hands like he’s famished and that Brown kid’s on the menu when Trebek said that artichoke’s the one to catch? Ps, this shrimpy kid rocking a full Ted suit while suave Leo is practically flaunting his guinea tee during his 15 minutes of fame is pure gold juxtapositioning that you couldn’t even script. Even more contrast, how about the two foot height differenct between the two at the end?

Saturday: Yo erroneous on that Honduras question on Friday, unless I actually missed it.  But Adolpho was definitely well fed.  And I’d say the biggest week for them actually was when Spain let them go and/or US started babysitting them, but as of the last 50 years, this was a pretty critical week for them…as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity I guess.

Ps, I may have to start a new email chain soon, as my Gmail is lagging a bit some times.

Today: Yo simple one here, “please advise.”  Is that on your list of corporate jargon you can’t stand

Just a little Sunday afternoon psychosis for everyone out there. In case you don’t know who Jeopardy! Jesse is, he’s a diehard Jeopardy fan who has emailed me almost once every other day for the last 6 months. I’m beginning to think he actually has multiple personalities, all of which love Jeopardy, and so he doesn’t actually realize that he emails me every day because each time its a different “person” writing. The tone of his message changes from email to email, its like he’s a totally different guy, only common theme is Trebek and Jeopardy. Anyway, this weekend was something special – I got the Friday Saturday Sunday trifecta and I’m pretty sure I’m one step closer to needing a restraining order.

“He was kidnapped and skinned alive by a crazed fan who wanted to weak his flesh as a body suit while watching Jeopardy! every night”

“Who is, KFC?”

“Be more specific.”

“Who is, Kevin Francis Clancy?”


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