How Weird Is This Carmelo Promo For Game Of Thrones?

If there’s one thing black folks don’t like, its shit like Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings and all that sort of fantasy world white-boy-nerd stuff. The Lord of the Rings was 3 movies and about 20 hours long and not one black person made it on screen. The books are too long, the movies are too weird. Shit like Game of Thrones is like the extreme sports of television for black people. They just don’t do it.

So if HBO thinks they’re gonna lure NBA fans to watch Thrones this weekend, they got another thing coming. Like anyone who’s rooting for Carmelo Anthony and fucking JR Smith doesn’t give a shit about dragons and boy kings. They certainly¬†don’t give a fuck about White Walkers. They’ve already been hating those their whole lives. Maybe if Khaleesi gets fucked on camera a lot again they’ll enjoy it. Lord knows they love blonde white women. But midgets and magic and thrones – that ain’t their scene. I’m all for branching out to new demographics but I’m not sure how successful this campaign is gonna be.

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