Famous Power Ball Winner Promises To Pay His Entire Block’s Rent For 2 Months

NYDN- Powerball winner Pedro Quezada is hosting a rent party — for his entire block. A close friend of the newly minted megamillionaire said Quezada promised to temporarily cover the housing costs for residents in the Passaic, N.J., neighborhood that housed his bodega. “He said he’s going to pay the rent for everybody here on this block for at least a month or two months,” the friend said Saturday outside Quezada’s Apple Deli Grocery. “He’s such a good guy.” Word of Quezada’s magnanimous gesture left several of his neighbors stunned. “God bless him, and thank you,” crowed Richard Delgado, 45, after learning of the pledge. Quezada, whose generosity is now the stuff of legend, was nowhere to be found Saturday, five days after he claimed the $338 million Powerball jackpot. But the Dominican immigrant was still the talk of the neighborhood. John Koblarz’s eyes lit up when he heard Quezada had offered to cover his neighbors’ rents. But then the 78-year-old landlord came to his senses. “Oh, he can’t afford to pay mine,” Koblarz said. “Mine is $20,000. I own the building!”

Pedro Quezada will be broke by Labor Day. Book it. He paid up all his outstanding bills. He’s offering to pay his entire block’s outstanding bills. And thats just the beginning. Passaic, NJ is gonna have the summer of a lifetime as Powerball Pedro spends 220 fucking million dollars between now and September. Its just gonna be one giant 6 month block party from here on out. No more swimming in the fire hydrants, because Powerball Pedro is buying everyone a fucking swimming pool! And lets cut the shit with the generous talk. Like this guy is Santa Claus doing this shit out of the goodness of his heart. This guy wants to look and feel like a hotshot baller so he’s taking care of everyones bills. Its like when you pick up the tab at the bar or restaurant – you’re not doing it because you’re actually generous. You’re doing it because you wanna get credit for being generous.

Bottom line is this guy hasn’t even started spending on himself. Wait until he starts buying all sorts of Dominican shit. Low rider Cadillacs with hydraulics and shit. Probably gonna pay for a few dozen MLB players to get to America. Whatever else Dominicans love. I know $220 mil is a lot of money to burn through but if there’s one fella who can do it, its a Dominican bodega owner from Jersey playing the role of Santa. Place your bets – the earliest date is set at Labor Day 2013.

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