Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Tricked Boys Into Believing She Was A Teenager So They Would Have Sex With Her?

AZ Central – A 35-year-old woman was recently arrested in Phoenix on suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor after posing as a teenage girl online, authorities said. Jennifer Dempsey is suspected of seven counts of sexual conduct with a minor after meeting with and engaging in sexual acts with two boys aged 14 and 16, according to court documents. In both cases, the mothers of the teens contacted Phoenix police who thought their sons were having relationships with Dempsey, according to the documents. Dempsey is suspected of posing as a 15-year-old on Facebook using different names. The mother of the 14-year-old told authorities Dempsey was exchanging nude photographs over the social-networking site with her son, according to the documents. Both of the teenage boys told authorities they had sexual relations with Dempsey, according to the documents. These acts occurred in a car at Phoenix parks and at the woman’s house and took place approximately between November to January. When meeting at her house, Dempsey told one of the boys that it was her aunt’s house, according to the documents. Dempsey was arrested Feb. 7 at her home near 33rd Avenue and Butler Drive where she lives with her husband, according to the documents.

Well somebody give Meryl Streep here an Academy fucking award! I took one look at that mug and had her pinned for a 50 year old male tranny. And here she is running around town duping people into thinking she’s a 15 year old girl? Just give her the Oscar now. Best Actor or Actress, whichever one she is.

Now I don’t blame the guys she duped. Those kids probably weren’t even tricked. They probably just played along with this little game of hers. “Hey you know that old bitch from around the corner? The one who looks like the chick from 3rd Rock From The Sun? She keeps pretending she’s 15 years old and wants to suck me off in the park. I think I’m just gonna let her.” But the fact that anybody else was duped in this situation to allow this to happen multiple times. Bitch is like the Daniel Day Lewis of sexual predators I guess. Just immerse herself in the character and the 15 year old dick to the point that everyone else treats your like you’re not even acting anymore.

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