Cuncel Da Johan

Welp, can’t say I’m too shocked about this. Johan hasn’t been right since after the 134 pitch no hitter. Hasn’t been right all spring. And every time there was another vague report out of Port St Lucie I just got the feeling that things were worse than they seemed. Looking at it objectively, the Mets obviously did not get the value they expected out of the Johan contract. But its not something I hold against him. Its not like a Jason Bay or Oliver Perez contract. Yes it was for huge money, but he deserved it. And no we never got the number of good seasons we expected, but never because he dogged it. After the collapse of 2007, Johan came in in 2008 and was a fucking rock. I’ll never forget in late September that season, as the Mets were floundering in the midst of another sort of collapse, he stepped up and tossed a complete game 3 hitter. He did everything he could to try and carry that team to the playoffs. Those first couple years as an ace he did everything we asked for. Just never worked out for him and the Mets. Between injuries and front office woes and some disappointing talent, it was the perfect storm to waste away an unbelievable pitcher.

And I’ll be honest – the real reason I’ll never blame Johan for anything is the 134 pitch no hitter. Already coming off surgeries, in a season where the Mets were going absolutely nowhere, he stood on the bump, over extended himself, and delivered something that no other Mets pitcher in franchise history could do. That one was for the fans. From 1962 till now. So he’ll forever be good in my book. No regrets. And I dont think there’s any on Johan’s end either. If he could rewind time to that No Hitter, there’s no way he would have ever come out of that game.

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