Chick Passes Out From Spring Break Brain Freeze Competition

Down goes Hondo! Down goes Hondo!

You know what the best part of this video is? You obviously aren’t looking at the fat Hispanic woman. You’re fixated on the hot blonde who’s struggling the whole time. I thought for sure she was gonna be the one who passes out. The DJ is hyping her and the other guy up. He’s blocking the fat Hondo the whole time. And the anticipation builds and builds and builds and then BOOM

Chiquita Banana blows chunks and falls chin first into the table. Such a great twist ending. I feel like I can go back and re-watch it focusing on her the whole time and see a whole new video. Like when you watched 6th Sense for the second time knowing the Bruce Willis was dead.

2nd best part of the video: “Ummm, can we get paramedics to the DJ Booth? Paramedics to the DJ booth, please.

3rd best part of the video: Hondo hanging off of the white girl while the white girl tries to shake her off like “Ew get off me. You look like my housekeeper”

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