Boyfriend Ditches His Girlfriend After She Gets Her Head Stuck In Between Railings During Stairway Sex

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 2.58.08 PM

Digital SpyA woman got her head stuck in some railings while having sex with her boyfriend. The 46-year-old, from Lipetsk in Russia, said that she wanted to “spice things up” with her man. A neighbor called the police after finding the woman naked and unable to free herself from the stairwell. When police arrived, the woman said that she had been having consensual sex with her partner when she became stuck. Her boyfriend was not around when the officers turned up. Emergency worker Alexei Dotsenko toldĀ “In all my time working as a rescuer, I don’t recall any incident like this one.”

Well theres a boner killer. Head stuck in the railing will kill the mood every single time. I’d probably just pack my dick up and head home too if my idiot girlfriend got her head stuck in the stairs. I mean obviously I’d finish first. But once I was done, I’m outta there. Springing a human head free is a job for the fire department. I’m not gonna sit there and lube up your head with a pound of butter trying to slide your dome out like I’m DJ Tanner babysitting some retard. The fire department will be here shortly and once your free I’ll meet you at home

Next time use your whiskers or some shit to know where your head will and will not fit, babe.

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