Best of the West – Black KFC’s West Coast Hip Hop Playlist


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Yesterday was the Beats of the East, today we take it to the West Side. Almost impossible to make a good old school west coast playlist with the 2 songs per artist restriction. Its like 90% Pac, Dre and Snoop. So I bent some of the rules as far as “old school” goes to include some other west coast gems. But picking just 2 Dre songs, 2 Pac songs, and 2 Snoop songs was probably the hardest thing I’ve done all day. Harder than picking Jeter’s smokeshow batting order.

My personal highlights from the West Coast: Richie Rich Lets Ride and Do G’s Get To Go To Heaven, Shade Sheist Where I Wanna Be, Rappin 4 Tay Problems, Ahmad Back In The Day, and Kurupt We Can Freak It

I guess the question is, which playlist do you like better? East Coast or West Coast?

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