Am I The Only One Who Loves The AT&T Commercials With The Kids?

I feel like theres major dissension with these commercials. You either love em or you hate them. I personally love them. The host is a fucking pro. Knows exactly what he’s doing with these kids. Conducts an interview better than anybody in the business. And the 2 things at once kid:

And this fat fucker in the argyle sweater talking about taping a cheetah to his grandma’s back:

Are gonna be stars. Seems like they’re just straight up improvising right off the cuff with this stuff. Not to mention this chick:

is gonna be a stunner. Only problem with this whole series of commercials is the tree house one:

Hey overactor why don’t you give it a rest. Who the fuck would have a flat screen in their treehouse anyway? Why don’t you take a cue from fatso in the argyle sweater how to be subtly funny and stop ruining the best commercials on TV?

PS – The commercial where the Asian dad transforms into Kevin Durant and you think the mom wants to fuck him is the only commercial thats better than these

“Go play. Mommy’s got some things for Daddy to do.” Got the whole world thinking this Asian mom was sick of her husbands tiny pixelated dick and now she got to fuck some BBC.

UPDATE: Here’s one I had never seen before:

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