Alexis Texas Refuses To Have Sex With Black Guys On Camera

TMZ – Alexis Texas, one of the most famous porn stars in the world, takes issue against bangin’ black dudes! Is this horribly racist — or just part of her BRILLIANT master plan?

Look I see how this can be viewed as racist. Theres a lot of chicks who won’t bang black guys out of racist motivation. But I don’t think thats the case with Alexis Texas. I think that she knows theres a lot of guys out there that don’t wanna watch black guy porn. Plenty of guys out there wanna see white on white. Maybe they feel inferior when they see their mandingo. Maybe they are just plain old racist. I dunno. I’m not one of those guys. I’ll watch Blacks on Blondes. Doesn’t bug me.

But bottom line is this is a career move. Like an actor that refuses to do the small screen or TV commercials. You want to keep your reputation as a big time Hollywood movie actress. You wanna keep your fans. The moment you start doing Lifetime movies or guest appearances on sitcoms or commercials for the Olive Garden, you’ve ruined your rep. Same kinda deal with Alexis Texas and banging black dudes. She may want to fuck them. Might not be a personal thing. She just wants to go after a certain type of career, and unfortunately black fellas don’t fit into that plan.

PS – It must drive black porn stars CRAZY that they can’t have sex with that ass of hers. Thats like the biggest tease ever for a black guy.

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