2 Sisters Go To Cheating Boyfriend’s House, Knock Down His Door, And Begin Assaulting People. Florida.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Two sisters from Lake County knocked the door down at an Orlando apartment and started throwing punches Monday, police said.  One of the suspects, Katie Buckland, 24, told police she and a resident of the apartment had been sexually involved since December, and she was there to confront that man and his live-in girlfriend. Witnesses said Katie Buckland and her sister, Brianna Buckland, 27, showed up at the address and started yelling and challenging the girlfriend to come out of the home and fight them. The Bucklands then pounded on the door and broke it down, witnesses said. The boyfriend and another man tried to hold them back, but the Bucklands punched them both in the face, police said. “I asked her what was going on, and she said, ‘My sister’s boyfriend is in there with another girl and she deserves better than this.’ So I said, ‘Maybe she deserves better, but this is no way to do it. You really should get out and leave,'” said witness Richard Wolfberg. Police arrived on scene and arrested the two women. Brianna Buckland shouted an obscenity at an officer as she was being arrested, according to the arrest report. Police said they found an open bottle of vodka in the rear driver’s-side seat of the Buckland’s vehicle. A smell of alcohol was emitting out of the passenger-side window, they said. When they were being transported to jail, Katie Buckland said, “I should have just hit her. When I get out, I’m going to hit the (expletive) for real,” according to police.

Buckland Sisters comin in hot!! Well. Not exactly hot. But I bet they clean up decent. And everyone knows that with sisters you’re allowed to add them together. They kinda add up to like an 8 or 9. Because I don’t know about you but any time I see story about anything at all immoral going on with sisters, I automatically assume they fuck together. Not like they have sex with each other, but they would probably be willing to have sex with the same guy. Or like fuck side by side or something. Its just natural instinct for me to think that. Two chicks caught with drugs? They fuck together. Break down a door and assault people? Fuck together. Arrested for fighting each other? Probably a dispute that arose because they fuck together. I think I just assume they lack any sort of moral compass based on their crimes that they have no conscience or standards telling them not to bang together.

Also porn. That happens a lot in porn too. “Katie and Brianna: The Buckland Sisters.” Sounds tailor made for porn.

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