Tom Wilson Caught Austin Watson’s Face With Some Big Rights Last Night


His fighting is down this year, but when he does drop the mitts, you’re reminded that Tom Wilson is a bad motherfucker. Just pummeled the most polite fighter out there, Austin Watson┬áin an old fashioned donnybrook. Watson’s cardio certainly has improved from his last fight, but he still looked like Tex at Rough n Rowdy eating hands left and right.

What’s crazy about Tom Wilson is he is 22 years old and just played his 300th NHL game. 300 games before his 23rd birthday, crazy. He is one of the top penalty killers, and changes the game with his size and intensity every time he touches the ice. He’s still working on fully rounding out his offensive game, but it’s important to keep in mind tons of dudes don’t crack the league until 23, 24, or older, and Willy is in his 4th full season. And shit, even if he doesn’t develop that game, he can always punch faces for a living, so that’s cool too.

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