This Video of Three Guys Singing Outside of a Grocery Store is The Hottest Video On The Internet Right Now


I try not to be overly cynical about shit, but come on. Calling it an “amazing” jam session is a bit much, right? Over 2 million views over the weekend? I don’t get it. Maybe I’m feeling kinda Clancyesque today and I have extra hate running through my veins, but that video was a 4/10 at best. I see about 50 better videos a day. And that is the one that blows up? 10000% chance they will be on Ellen this week and living in a mansion by August. The true star of the video is reflective vest guy. So much raw talent, he didn’t want to join the performance, he needed to. He had to get that out before going to do whatever job he has. He even said as much at the end. So good for them, guess I have to root for them now.


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