Moving the Thursday Night Game to Netflix Sounds Like a Terrible Idea


flicksided - But even though Netflix is pioneering the online streaming game, which is in the early stages of truly threatening cable television, the Wall Street Journal dropped a bomb that could change the game in more than one way for online streaming services. Throwing away the now refuted report that the NFL is looking to beef up its NFL schedule and double-up on Thursday night games, WSJ buried the real story which is Netflix and Google have been part of the discussions about acquiring partial NFL rights. Per today’s issue of The Wall Street Journal: League officials have also considered selling the Thursday night package to a nontraditional media partner, including online players like Netflix Inc. or Google Play. It’s a complicated matter though as moving NFL games on Thursday to a new network would mean that the NFL would be taking games away from its league-branded flagship network. Despite the fact that the rumor of multiple Thursday night games has been disputed by the NFL, the possibility of moving Thursday night games away from NFL Network is still very real. Thursday Night Football isn’t a must-see event like ESPN Monday Night Football or more so NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Oh cool, let’s shell out more money to watch the Bills play the Cardinals! I hate this idea. Now that Breaking Bad is over, the only thing I watch on live TV anymore is sports. Everything else I either watch off the DVR or online the next day. So I can’t imagine sitting down in front of the computer to watch whatever mediocre Thursday night game they trot out for us. As it is, I have to be constantly reminded there is even a game on Thursday nights at all. I love Netflix when I have someone else’s password, but I won’t be purchasing a new account for the NFL.

PS: Makes tons of sense for Netflix though. Imagine when every bar will have to subscribe to Netflix in order to show football games? Netflix is going to take over the world.

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