Katy Perry Doesn’t Win Awards So She Claims Award Shows Are Fake

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Variety - Katy Perry is embracing a new, more transparent version of herself — and in the process, slamming a key part of her industry.

In a New York Times profile, where she opened up about her off-stage persona, Perry didn’t hold back about awards shows. “All the awards shows are fake,” she said, “and all the awards that I’ve won are fake.”

“They’re constructs,” she added, explaining that they don’t represent the audience.

While she’s been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards, including album of the year for “Teenage Dream” and song of the year for “Roar,” she’s never taken one home.


Hahahaha what a sad, sad, sad, person. That’s like Glenny Balls saying salads are fake or the Eagles saying the Super Bowl doesn’t exist. C’mon Katy, because you’ve never seen one or had one and never will doesn’t make them not real. Just because Taylor wipes the floor with you and wins every Grammy, ruining your chances of ever winning the only award that musicians actually want on their mantle doesn’t mean they are fake.

And the funniest thing is, she has won some lesser awards, but she says “all the awards that I’ve won are fake”. YOU IDIOT, KATY. How is she so dumb? Katy Perry hasn’t won many, but the awards she has somehow won- People’s Choice, VMA’s, and Teen Choice- are voted on by the public! She should be saying the exact fucking opposite. But she’s so rattled by Taylor Swift winning every Grammy ever that she just completely disregards every other award as fake because she can’t beat Taylor for the gold medal. She definitely cries every time she looks at that 10-0 scoreboard. No amount of MTV Europe Music Awards equal one Grammy, it’s just the way it is. #CryKatyCry


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