It Was A Full House Reunion At Uncle Joey’s Wedding



Today - Actor/comedian Dave Coulier’s Wednesday wedding to photographer/producer Melissa Bring was practically a cast reunion for the members of that hit ABC series, as the pair was joined by John Stamos, Bob Saget, Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber and show creator Jeff Franklin for their nuptials. Coulier (Uncle Joey), 54, married Bring, 31, in Paradise Valley, Montana after a long courtship — and thanks to the actors’ activity on social media, some of the run-up to the big day and the post-event fun turned up online. Bure (DJ Tanner) and Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) had told Us Weekly that they would attend as each others’ dates, leaving their husbands at home to watch the kids, and chronicled their good time, from parade-watching to sharing a bench at the event.


We always talk about Topanga or Kelly Kapowski as the go-to 90’s girl that we want to fuck. But we always for some reason leave off DJ Tanner. DJ was a minxbox. She was so, so wet for Steve. Just all the time. Could not get enough of Steve in and around her.

But anyway, Uncle Joey looking fresh as a daisy got married to some chick 20 years younger than him, just like the Uncle Joey we know and love would do.



And hey, Uncle Jesse, be better looking for a 50 year old, you fucking can’t. Goodness gracious what a hunk. It’s Stamos’ world and we’re just livin in it.





If you had to choose between going to this wedding in Montana or the Kanye wedding in the French castle, you would choose the Full House wedding 20 out of 10 times.




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