I Think Everyone Should Go To The Club And Have Fun

Well folks, I’m the talk of the office today because I went to the club for the first time this weekend to see my friends The Lost Kings, all captured on Snapchat by Henry. And let me tell you, it was a blast. You’re probably thinking, Nate, you’re not much of a club guy imo. And you’d probably be right. But what I am, here and there, is a YOLO guy, as the kids say. When you can go VIP to the club with some work pals and see your buds perform, you drink a shit ton of tequila, black out, and go. It’s just what you do. And it was a blast. I mean look at me, I’m a factory of lights:

As Dave Portnoy put it, we have a club-shaming issue here at Barstool. It’s probably a bigger detriment to the company than the Size 6 Skinny Jeans blog. I didn’t understand it until now, but I’m on board. As long as you’re in VIP and not waiting in line like a normie and there are copious amounts of alcohol to drink with your friends, the club is a fun time. Don’t let anyone club shame you, my dudes. Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t go to the club in a flannel, a hat, and a vest. Just fucking go, drink whatever alcohol you can get your hands on, and wile out. In the office I might be “get in fights with Young Pageviews Nate”, but outside of the office I am “drink a lot of alcohol and awkwardly dance at a club Nate”.



I do admit my club wardrobe could use a bit of work. Button down, vest, and hat- maybe not the best get-up for a night puppin bottles, but I won’t apologize for it. Gotta stay true to yourself, ya know (as long as they let you in). Also I borrowed shoes from Hank because all I own are a couple pairs of sneakers. I wish I didn’t keep the vest on but it was tricky because I didn’t want to wear a coat because I only own 1 coat and would 100000% lose it if I brought it, so I went vest. But I didn’t know where to put it (club n00b mistake) so I kept it on. Marquee was well ventilated though and I didn’t have an issue with perspiration, so that was good.

But all in all, a good time was had by all. And one highlight of the night was Glenny Big Time getting tossed out of VIP.


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