Girl Takes a Leap Of Faith Over The Subway Tracks Andddddddd….


…..andddddd she’s dead. What a stupid idiot. Out of all the dumb things people do, trying to jump from one platform to the other has to take the cake. Not only is it too far for most people, but New Yorkers for the most part only care about themselves. There could be the world’s greatest magician, singer, dancer, etc on the train, and my music will be on and my head will be buried in my phone. So when someone falls into the tracks, the last thing anyone wants to do is help and then find themselvesĀ involved in some on-going lawsuit or court case. She failed her jump, she lives with the consequences. And I especially don’t want to save her not because I’m a dick, but it’s mostly because I’ve heard a ton about this 3rd rail thing where if you touch it you die, and I’m not here for that. I’m not here to get fried like bacon because someone thought they were Michael Jordan but really they were Michael Moore.

And for real, how fucking dumb do you have to be to try this? We’re talking about a billion volts of electricity with speeding trains barreling through stations at any given time. And just remember, his big, fat, idiot sandwich of a human’s vote counts just as much as yours. Unfair!

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