Despite What The Sign Says, I Am Not Positive Erik Karlsson Actually Pays For Tinder

I have a question first- is it actually an insult to pay for Tinder? Is that the new “sit down when you pee” type insult that isn’t really an insult at all? Seems to me paying for Tinder is kind of a baller thing to do. Like, I envision businessmen in their slick ass suits traveling the country, swiping ahead of time in cities and banging broads when they get there. They’re in those sweet hotels for a week, would make a lot of sense, no? The more I think of it, the more I am pretty sure a ton of successful people┬ápay for Tinder and clean up on it.

So now that that is taken care of, let’s try and figure out if Karlsonn is a pay for Tinder guy:


Interesting…let’s dig deeper:

Oh damn.




So I suppose, after great research, Karlsson is doing ok, and it is very unlikely, despite the amount of success he would have on it, is paying for Tinder. Which is great news! More swipes for the rest of us.



Let’s go Sens.

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