Brian Orakpo Mocked Johnny Manziel and Called His Middle Finger “Hilarious”

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LBS - The Washington Redskins seemed to have a lot of fun with Johnny Manziel on Monday night. At one point, they were having so much fun with Johnny Football that they inspired the rookie to flip the bird to the entire Redskins sideline. Washington linebacker Brian Orakpo thought the gesture was entertaining. “It was hilarious,” Orakpo said, per John Keim of “We were messing with him a little bit, just saying this ain’t college and stuff like that. We were having a little fun. Manziel flipped us off. It was something funny. We were all laughing on the sidelines.” Redskins safety Ryan Clark agreed that Manziel flipping the bird was “funny” and that “nobody cares.” DeSean Jackson, who for some reason thinks he has the right to get on a high horse despite some of the controversial hand gestures he has flashed in the past, sounded a bit more offended. “Being young, things happen sometimes [and] you don’t know better,” Jackson said. “It’s unfortunate he did get caught, but he’ll learn from it. It’s nothing too nice to do. We’re out here competing with each other.” The real reason the Redskins didn’t care about Manziel flipping them off? The Heisman Trophy winner completed just 44% of his passes (6-of-17) and was sacked three times. He did not look sharp at all, which is probably why he was frustrated enough to flip the bird. The learning curve continues for Johnny Football.


I have to say it was pretty fun to watch JFF struggle against the Skins last night. It’s kind of pathetic to say, but I was legit nervous going into the game- I’ve been embarrassed as a Skins fan many times over, and was worried a rookie QB would make them look silly. Thankfully, the complete opposite happened.

I don’t even really have an opinion on him one way or the other- he seems like he’d be great to party with off the field, but on the field he was an unmitigated disaster. And his job is on the field, to be an NFL QB, and he was nothing short of atrocious last night. He threw behind his WRs on the regular, one-hopped throws, and didn’t look comfortable under center at all. Then in the midst of all his failure, he couldn’t handle simple ribbing from the Skins bench. Throwing turds and birds, that’s what JFF did last night.

As for the Skins, I already touched on the game a bit earlier. I’ve been talking about RG3 with a few friends today, and I think most people are in agreement: Manage the game, don’t be the game. He has so many weapons on offense, if he can read a defense and go through progressions, the offense is unstoppable. He needs to stop having this desire to score on every play. That’s not how the game works in the pros. Throw the ball away. Find your checkdown. Don’t force it in there.

On defense, Bashaud Breeland was a man among boys with the second team out there. Dude was FLYING around the field making plays everywhere. If he can put down the pipe, this kid is can be special. Kerrigan once again had a great showing, and rookie kicker Zach Hocker showed off his huge leg, making incumbent kicker Kai Forbath get out a voodoo doll to save his job.


PS: It’s unreal we still have 2 more preseason games. They play a 16 game regular season and 4 preseason games. That’d be the equivalent of the NBA and NHL playing 20.5 preseason games. Please cut it down Czar Goodell.

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