50 Cent Has Changed His Challenge To Cat in the Hat for Floyd Mayweather Because He Knows Floyd Can’t Read Harry Potter


If you remember yesterday 50 bet $750,000 that Floyd can’t read a page of Harry Potter. Didn’t even lay odds, didn’t even say if Floyd can’t read it he gets $750,000. Nope. Just straight up challenged him to read one page of Harry Potter. Well it seems he felt bad for blatantly calling him illiterate..no just kidding, he doubled down on it and challenged him to read Cat in the Hat. I couldn’t even finish typing Cat in the Hat without cracking up. Being challenged to read Cat in the Hat on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and not accepting and proving you can read might be the saddest and funniest thing ever. Floyd should just own up to the fact he can’t read at this point. Just own it. Take a picture of himself swimming in a vault of money and let us know he doesn’t give a fuck that he can’t read.

Still the funniest video ever.

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