Titus Young Allegedly Has An Unspecificed Mental Disorder And Brandon Marshall Is Reaching Out To Help Him


(Source) In what appears to be a coincidence of timing, Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall appeared Monday on “NFL Live” to discuss treatment for mental illness at around the same time the father of former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young was hinting that his son suffers from an unspecified mental disorder.

Richard Young told the Detroit News that Titus Young has a condition “caused by his brain being compressed into the front of his skull,” according to the report. Titus Young has sought outpatient help at several treatment facilities and, according to the Detroit Free Press, has was prescribed a drug known as Seroquel. According to its website, the drug is used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, among other conditions.

Marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2011 and is now an advocate for treatment. He told ESPN host Trey Wingo that he reached out to Young several months ago to no avail.

“But months back, I wanted to get my hands on Titus, just sit down with him and possibly walk him into the doors of the same program I was in,” Marshall said in the video. “But I think there were some things in the way that kept us both from moving forward. And I am disappointed in that because, since then, it’s just gotten worse and one of the things I stress was without the proper treatment, it’s just going to make things worse.

“So I’m praying for Titus and I know this can be a success story, but we need to embrace it and we also need to advocate for people in positions like this.”


I know we joke around a lot on Barstool but to get serious for a quick second, B-Marsh doesn’t get nearly enough credit as he should for trying to spread the word about mental disorder and all the misconceptions that go along with it. People always make jokes about B-Marsh and his past ways but I don’t think everyone realizes how fucked up personality disorder is. It’s not Brandon Marshall or Titus Young acting out because they’re criminals or malcontents, their brains literally can not process things the same way normal human beings can. Impulsive behavior, mood swings, emotions that none of us can understand. All that shit happens.  And I hope Titus Young gets help, because it seems like he really needs it. And I also hope he turns it around like B-Marsh has. Remember when we signed him and all the talk was about character issues and behavior problems? Now his character is his strength. Wouldn’t want to have anyone else be the leader of my team.


No excusing the White Sox hat though, that’s just disgusting.

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