The 5 Funniest Sports Names Of All Time


Yesterday, Nascar race driver Dick Trickles died. One of the best Sports names ever. So it got me thinking, what are the Top 5 funniest Sports names of all time. No nicknames or fictional characters. I’m talking real names. So here we go. Top 5.


First a few honorable mentions.


-Jack Glasscock – Indianapolis Hoosiers

That’s Captain Jack Glasscock to you

-Johnny Dickshot – Pirates

-Pete La Cock – Cubs


First name Pete, last name Cock, middle name La

-Dick Shiner – Pittsburgh Steelers

-Dewanna Bonner – Phoenix Mercury

No, I don’t, not from you.

-Phylis Mangina – Seton Hall

-Dick Pole – Red Sox

-Steve Sharts – Phillies

little too close to home for me.

-Kyle Sackrider – Michigan State

-Ben Gay – Cleveland Browns

-Ron Tuggnut – Dallas Stars

-Dick Butkus – Bears

-Dick Felt – Boston Patriots


Alright. Top 5 Time.




5. Chubby Cox – Philadelphia Kings


Birth name John, but when you’re getting playing cards with “Chubby” on it, well then that’s a nickname that has stuck.


4. Ivana Mandick – Charlotte Basketball

Brutal brutal name, face isn’t doing her any favors either.


3. Dick Trickle – Nascar, RIP

Bonus Video – Dick Trickle lighting up a cig while driving

2. Lucious Pusey

What awful parents.


1. Rusty Kuntz

Gold standard. Probably won’t ever be beat, and I am totally fine with that. Love me some Rusty Kuntz all day everyday and twice on Sunday.


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