Teen Mom Is Blatantly Trying To Fuck Charlie Sheen






Couple of things. First, Teen Mom has always seemed pretty fucking annoying. Mostly because she’s an actual teenager, something we always forget and really sucks when it’s pointed out. But holy shit is she a real bitch when it comes to texting. Who the hell texts like that? She basically wrote a book to Charlie Sheen on the first text. If anyone ever texted me that many words I would never reply. Such an outrageous move. Long texting is like the new phone call. You know how a few years ago everyone just stopped talking on the phone and started texting? Like if someone calls me I’ll just blatantly ignore it most of the time. Talking on the phone absolutely sucks. Well long texting is now that. Don’t long text me, ever.


Second, and much more importantly, so much respect for Charlie Sheen’s game. Like yeah Teen Mom, we’re totally going to have coffee and kid play time, you fucking idiot. I’ll text you some night at 4 am when I’m horny saying “anal?” and that will be it.  That’s how this situation works. Don’t fake like we’re actually going to interact. Coffee is for amateurs and grandma’s.



Missed this. Don’t think Charlie likes his text game being leaked out there. Probably will still fuck her though right?


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