Team Burrito Just Got Itself A Uniform



I know we’re still a couple weeks away but if you don’t think I’ve been mentally preparing for this challenge since day 1 then you don’t know me very well. Visualizing burritos. Dreaming about Tortillas. This is a mental battle and come March 10th I’ll already have won. Pres will be coming off vacation, thinking he’s going to cake walk to victory, that he can stomp all over me. Well maybe Big Cat but not El Gato Grande. Totally different animal. Like I said on Tuesday, Straight up Machine Mode.


I know what you’re thinking. Hey El Gato Grande, is that another one of those awesome tortilla/salsa sombreros that you make? Well guys, no, its not, because that would be cheating, I’m a Burrito guy now, exclusively.

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