So I Guess Posing With Dead Fish Is A Hot New Trend Now?

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(Source) If Gillian Anderson is a big fan of seafood, she certainly has taken her love to the next level. The actress has stripped off to pose with a fishy friend for charity. The X-Files star goes topless with, rather bizarrely, just a large conger eel wrapped around her neck to protect her modesty. Gillian was just one of many stars who posed for the Fishlove campaign, against destructive fishing practices. The Ghost Writer star Olivia Williams looks emotional as she clutches two sabre fishes in each hand, covering her breasts.



If you know me you know that the one thing I hate more than anything in the world is missing out on trends. If something is cool or hip or “in”, I have to have it. Whether it be clothes, cars, accessories, or taking pictures with fish. I don’t miss trends, I just don’t.



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And people doubted me when I bought that shark at the Shedd Aquarium and said it would pay for itself.


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