Seahawks Fan Gets Super Bowl Championship Tattoo Before The Season Started Because Seahawks Fans Are Just The Worst


EDMONDS, Wash. — A lot of Seahawks fans are showing their appreciation for the team this championship week. But, perhaps, none more than Tim Connors. At the beginning of the season, Connors felt so confident the Seahawks would win the Super Bowl this year he got a tattoo on his right forearm that already declared the Seahawks as champs.  “I’m not crazy.  I’m not crazy at all,” Connors said.

Connors says 95 percent of ‘Hawks fans approve of his tattoo. And to the 5 percent who think he’s going to bring the team bad luck, he says he’s a true fan who believes in the Seahawks’ ability. However, even his tattoo artist, Lonnie Moon of Good Karma Body Art in Edmonds, was apprehensive beforehand. “I said, ‘hey man, people are going to attack you… that you’re the jinx of the team,’ ” Moon said. And when Connors convinced him to go through with it, Moon answered: “He’s right, you know what, you think like that, you’re not a real fan.” Lonnie and his fellow artists are now offering discounted Seahawks tattoos through the end of the playoffs. Instead of charging $150 per hour, their fee is down to about $100 per hour. And for all the skeptics still out there, Tim says: “There’s no tiny little bit of doubt at all – anywhere in my head.”



You know how every year there is one big kind of overarching story in the NFL, something that everyone takes away from the season as the biggest memory. Few years ago it was the emergence of Flacco and Matt Ryan, or last year Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and RGIII. Or when Peyton Manning sat out a year with his neck injury, or the Saints resurgence and the rebuilding of New Orleans. Always one memory that when you look back you say to yourself, oh yeah, that was the year that X happened.


Well I think 2013-2014 is the year everyone realized that Seahawks fans are the fucking worst. That’s my takeaway. Between the Sea-Hulk, and the “earthquakes”, and the E:60 specials about Seattle passion, Richard Sherman being the greatest cheerleader in the world, and the Sports Science clips proving that Century Link Field is scientifically the loudest place on planet earth, and now this, I officially can’t stand the Seahawks and their fans. It happened so fast too. You almost have to tip your cap to them and say job well done. Because 2 years ago I had complete ambivalence towards the Seahawks, now I hate their fucking guts. So good job Seattle, we all think you’re annoying as fuck. Now hopefully you lose in the most painful fashion imaginable and Tim Connors is forced to walk around with that stupid tattoo reminding everyone about the season you were the best team to not win a Super Bowl.




I’m not a tattoo guy but isn’t that a total chick spot for a tattoo? I always thought it was ankle, inside of your wrist and lower back. Those are the three spots you just don’t touch as a guy.

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