Oh Nice, Flash Mobs In Chicago Are Back, Really Missed Those

:28 seconds for the most stuck up woman of all time.

(Source) More than two dozen teens were arrested Saturday night after dozens of groups began randomly attacking pedestrians on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Police responded to reports of disturbances around 6:30 p.m. Saturday near Michigan and Chicago avenues. They said a number of teens took to the streets and started fighting. Police said 28 teens were arrested during the incident and charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and battery and later released, according to Police News Affairs. Eleven other teens were charged with misdemeanor charges after they allegedly attacked a group of women on the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line, police said.

“You have over three to four hundred teenagers with mob action, jumping on individuals that are downtown,” community activist Andrew Holmes said. “Multiple people have been arrested and I caution those parents that get this call about your child being arrested — maybe you need to check your child.” Officers began breaking up the attacks by ushering teens to the Red Line. Chaos continued underground but many attackers reportedly left the area. “I just saw a cluster run down to the Red Line,” CTA passenger Amanda Dobson said. “I didn’t know what was going on. I just kind of stepped back and let the police do what they needed to do.”


2 things from this story/video. 1) These flash mobs fucking suck. I mean I don’t really care, because anyone who knows Chicago knows that if you’re standing outside the McDonald’s/L Stop on Chicago Ave you’re in the wrong place. But they still suck. But as bad as they are, and they are bad, I honestly don’t think I hate anyone in the world more than this chick.

“I Pay 17 THOUSAND dollars in property taxes”

This chick can go right ahead and fuck herself. Honestly. There is nothing worse than the guy/girl that finds it necessary to let the world know how much money they make. It might be the scummiest move of all time. It’s number 1 on the “I’m a raging asshole” list. I wanted to hate these teenagers, I clicked play on this video fully intending to do so, but I just ended up boiling over with rage looking at this stuck up chick’s face. She pulled the impossible. She made me forget about a bunch of punk teenagers marauding around the city intimidating tourists. Way to go lady. You are somehow worse than a flash mob. I don’t know how you did it but you did. Kudos. That’s a special level of douchebag rarely attained.
h/t thatcher.
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