Nigel Hayes With The MJ Baseline Move To Send The Badgers To The Sweet 16



What a fucking game. Classic Classic Wisconsin Badgers. The season was basically over mid February. If you watched any of those games you know just how lost this team looked. And now here we are, sucked all the way back in with an upset win over the defending champs Villanova and a Sweet 16 berth. We all should have seen it coming. When you think they’re out they’re in, and when you get your hopes up, then and only then will they crush your soul and steal your life. Sweet 16 time, win 1 more and revenge on Duke. Let’s fucking go.





4 other notes.


1. Nova got screwed getting Wisconsin as an 8 seed. I said it on selection night, the tournament committee was fucking high to put Minny at 5 and Wisconsin at 8. Ive grown to love Nova Nation over the past year and even though they lost fair and square they still have a right to be bitter.


2. The refs suck in every college game ever. They sucked both ways, they ruin games, theres nothing we can do.


3. Bronson Koenig is the perfect NCAA player. Just wants the ball at the end of the game. Happ is the best player, when Nigel is going the Badgers are a different team, but Bronson is that fearless guy every team needs, love watching him late.


4. Jay Wright, prophetic.


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