“Lewis’ Last Game Not All About Him”. Do You ESPN, Do You

 (Source) For all the hoopla surrounding the final season of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, his last game really wasn’t about him.

The beauty of Lewis’ celebrating the accomplishments of his teammates — something that he has done repeatedly throughout the postseason despite what some saw as shameless self-promotion — is that it speaks to his own self-awareness. This wasn’t the Ray Lewis who’s earned 12 Pro Bowl nominations and two league defensive player of the year awards during his Hall of Fame career. This was a past-his-prime superstar doing everything he could to leave on top. This was a proud team captain praying for the same farewell that only a few other legends — namely John Elway, Jerome Bettis and Michael Strahan — had enjoyed.

Lewis talked about rubbing Jones’ chest before the returner erupted for a postseason-record 108-yard kick return for a touchdown to start the second half. He raved about his relentless faith in Flacco and the conversations his teammates had when they needed a last-minute goal-line stand to thwart a team that had rallied from a 28-6 deficit. “There was no panic in us,” Lewis said. “We talked about that when we were on the goal line. We said that if we stopped them there, they don’t get in. That was the most amazing goal-line stand that I’ve ever been a part of.”


Have to love ESPN. Shoving Ray Lewis down our throat for the past month. Interviews. Sit downs with Chris Berman. Stories about his leadership. E60’s on his faith and religion. But nah, they’re right, that game wasn’t all about him last night. I mean you heard him? He gave credit to the guys who actually won the game, he had faith in Flacco, he RUBBED Jacoby Jones chest with his special Ray Lewis Faith, basically compelling him to return that kick for a touchdown, how SELF AWARE!


This is like the kid in high school that didn’t know how to bust balls correctly. The guy that would say really mean things then be like, oh yeah I was just joking. “I Hope your mom gets cancer, just joking”. And he thinks if he says he was “just joking” then its all good. Same thing here. Just shove Ray Lewis down our throat and then tell us you were just joking after. Do you ESPN, do you.


Have Ray and Sal hooked up before? That coat grab thing Ray was doing felt like more than “just friends”.


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