I’m Still A Little Worried My Friends Superfan And Detroit Don Didn’t Wake Up This Morning




I’m still in shock. Not that the Lions lost, that happens a lot. Or that the Packers and that dickhead Aaron Rodgers pulled a win out of their ass, also commonplace. No I’m shocked that that play happened on the single day in my life that I was a Lions fan sitting next to the 2 biggest Lions fans in the world. What are the odds. I seriously was heartbroken for both of those guys. They are the truest fans in the world. That stand on Defense thing? 100% genuine. Every single time the Lions are on Defense no matter what the circumstance they stand and scream at the top of their lungs. And then that happened and utter devastation. Detroit Don was CRUSHED, just sat there silent, completely dead behind his sunglasses while Superfan kept mumbling “this is what happens when your team is friggin cursed”.


We’ll have a full video after the weekend with Tailgate stuff, other in game things and some MACtion from tonight in Detroit. But I’ll be honest, none of it will come close to touching that moment right there in section 140 last night. That’s a one in a million barstool shot, one in a million.







Still not sure what to do about this


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