If You Played Lebron 1 On 1 To 100 And Every Time You Scored He Lost A Finger, Could You Win?


This was the best question from this episode. 1 on 1 vs Lebron, every time you hit a bucket he looses a finger, your choice of finger. Now as irrationally confident as I am I will say that I think this one would be tough. If he magically just loses a finger, like it isn’t brutally cut off, then he probably could beat meĀ  pretty easily. Just dunking on my head with two stump hands. But if I get to cut the finger off? Like the second I score we walk over the scorer’s table, I pull out a big rusty butcher’s knife and cut off his index finger. If that’s the case I think I can win. Just watch Lebron bleed out while I run the Mikan Drill on his dying body. Sounds like a good time actually.

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